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Kvalitetssystem - Handling Complaints about Grades

Basis for the Grade

The request for how a grade was determined must be submitted within one week after the grade has been announced.  The basis for the grade is given by the course instructor/internal censor who decides if the justification should be in oral or written form. Justification for the grade must be provided within two weeks after the candidate has made the request for it. 


The candidate must submit a written complaint within three weeks after the examination results is published, or after the basis for the grade has been given.   

A complaint should be submitted on the complaint form, and must be signed. The candidate should give a reason for the complaint. 


Students who makes a complaint after the diploma is awarded, must hand in the original diploma and transcripts of records together with the complaint.

When the College receives a complaint about a grade, information about the handling of the case will be sent to the candidate.  

A complaint commission is appointed and it consists of two new censors, one will be a new external censor.  

When the deadline for complaints has pased, the case will be sent to the new commission, together with the following enclosures:

  • The candidate’s answers to examination
  • The text of the examination
  • Guidelines for the censor
  • Copy of the law governing Universities and University Colleges §3-9 and §5-3
  • The syllabus
  • The contract for censors

The commission has three weeks to submit a new evaluation.  The candidate will receive the results in writing.  The decision is final and cannot be appealed.  If the censors provide the basis for the new grade it will be enclosed.  The Student Office will also receive a copy of the results. 

Complaints can be sent to Høgskolen i Molde, Postboks 2110, 6402 Molde, or submitted by e-mail to post@himolde.no

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