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Kvalitetssystem - How and when to apply – Free movers from EEA nations

Admission requirements

  1. For courses at bachelor’s level we require a minimum of one year of relevant university studies.
  2. For courses at master's level, applicants should have completed a recognized BBA, BA, BSc, BEng, BTech or equivalent first degree, corresponding to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits (3 years of higher education).
  3. There are different ways to document your English qualifications: 
    1. Document a minimum of 7 years of English as a subject from primary and secondary school. (This is only an alternative if you are from one of the countries that have ratified the Lisbon Convention like e.g. countries within EU/ the European Economic Area).
    2. Document at least one year of higher secondary school or university studies in UK, US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
    3. Document a university degree in English language (BA in English).
    4. Pass either a TOEFL test with a minimum paper-based test score of 550 (or a minimum score of 213 on computer-based test or 79 on internet based test) or an IELTS test with a minimum score of 6.0.

How to apply

  1. Fill in the application form: Student Application Form
  2. Print and sign.
  3. The application form must be sent together with these required documents:
    1. Certified copies of the pages of your passport showing your photo, your full name, your date of birth and your nationality.
    2. A certified copy of your E-111/E128 European Health Insurance Card.
    3. Officially certified copies of official transcripts and diploma from all your college/ university education (a minimum of 60 ECTS is required for).
    4. Certified copies of your English qualifications.
    5. A personal declaration that state that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while in Norway. (This should be no less then NOK 103 950 per academic year or NOK 51 975 per semester).
    6. A passport photo

All copies must be attested as true copies of the original by a Notary Public or by a school/university administrator/registrar and bear the name, signature and stamp of the official. Documents which are not originally in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, must be accompanied by/sent together with an authorized translation of the original document in English.  Please note that applicants are asked to submit certified copies, not original documents. Students who are admitted to Molde University College should, however, bring with them all the original documents to Molde. Molde University College reserves the right to require students to present all original certificates, diplomas, transcripts in case this is considered necessary.


The application form and additional documentation must have reached the International Coordinator at Molde University before before:

1 April for the Autumn semester (August - December)

1 Oktober for the Spring semester (January - June)

Letter of Acceptance

Once we have received your application and required documents, they will be reviewed. If all is in order, the Letter of Invitation will be sent to your e-mail address. Various documents and necessary information will also be forwarded with this e-mail. Please remember that some of the documents you receive must be signed and returned:

  1. Acceptances of study offer
  2. A personal statement


There are no accommodation guarantees for free mover students. In periods with capacity problems you will not be prioritized, but in periods with vacancy you will be allowed to rent. Usually there are more available accommodations during the spring semester. If you get a room through the Student Service Organization you have to rent the room for at least a whole semester. The autumn semester runs from 10 August until 31 December, and the spring semester from 1 January until 14 June. The International Coordinator will check if there is a possibility for renting accommodation through the Student Services Organization, and if possible register your housing application and make the booking reservations.


Questions can be directed to:

Ms Anette Kristin Myrstad

International Coordinator

Molde University College

P.O. Box 2110

NO-6402 Molde


Email: Anette.Myrstad@himolde.no


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