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Kvalitetssystem - Academic information

Teaching methods

Molde University College (like Norwegian universities in general) expects that a lot of work is done by the student on an individual basis. Lectures constitutes 10-15 hours per week, plus 4-8 hours of organized group work. In addition to this, the student is expected to spend at least the same amount of hours on individual work at home or in the library.

Examinations / Certificates

Most courses have a 4-6 hour written/digital examination at the end of the semester. The final grades are based on these exams. In some courses there are mandatory assignments that should be handed in to enable you to take the final exam. Students receive a European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) International Diploma for all courses taken.

Exchange Students

The Level of Teaching: ERASMUS students should be in their second, third or fourth year of higher education, depending on the requirements statedin each course description. The number of studentsin each class is usually small, from 10-20 students. 

ECTS Credits

Molde University College uses the European Credit Transfer System. The Exchange Programme is offered for one or two semesters.

  • One semester`s workload amounts to 30 ECTS credits.
  • A full semester normally consists of 2-4 courses, each of which is equivalent to 7,5 -15 ECTS credit.

International students receive a transcript of records after completing their exchange. 

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