Guidelines for Midway Evaluation (ME) PhD Logistic

Revised 28 March 2019, valid from 1 August 2019

1. ME must be conducted before the candidate has reached 2/3 of the planned duration of the doctoral work.

2. The aims of the ME are

a. To offer candidates an evaluation of the status, progress and preliminary results of their PhD project.

b. To identify issues that might impede or delay the PhD project, and to propose ways of overcoming these issues.

3. Before the PhD candidate is halfway through the planned duration of the doctoral work, the PhD committee will notify the candidate and the main supervisor that the time for a ME is coming up, and indicate an approximate time for this. The main supervisor will then be asked to propose two opponents for the ME, one of which should not be an employee of MUC or the professional environment of the candidate. The opponents must be approved by the head of the PhD LOG committee. The opponents could not be appointed as members of the candidates' evaluation committee. 

4. The PhD candidate will submit a progress report of maximum 3 pages to the opponents, with a copy to the supervisor(s), no later than two weeks prior to the ME. The report should cover the following items 

c. Scientific activity and results 

d. Publications 

e. Status vs the approved course plan 

f.  An up-to-date plan of progress towards submission 

g.  Identification of any problems or potential impediments 

The candidate may, in addition, submit papers written as part of the doctoral work, but cannot expect a full review of these provided by the opponents. Even if the candidate writes a monograph, one would expect at least one conference paper to have been submitted to an academic conference. 


5. The ME will comprise both an open, advertised session, and a closed session, which is only for the opponents, the candidate and the supervisor(s). 

The open part contains

i. A 20 minute presentation given by the candidate, presenting the contents of the progress report

ii. A 20 minute session where opponents and the audience could ask questions or provide feedback

The closed part contains:

i. First, a session only between the candidate and the opponents, where more detailed feedback could be provided, focusing on important issues for the remainder of the doctoral work. 

ii. Afterwards, the supervisor(s) are invited to a discussion with the candidate and the opponents about the way ahead

6. After the ME, the opponents will fill out the designated evaluation form, which is to be handed over to the candidate, the supervisors, the employer (academic department, or other) and the PhD LOG committee.  If the opponents find it necessary, they may propose extra follow-up actions like: 

Suggest concrete changes in the planned activities or material presented 

Recommend a more frequent reporting of progress 

Suggest changes to the plan of progress 

Suggest changes in the tutoring of the PhD project